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Radiate (Soundtrack Version)

Written & Performed by: Jack Mantis

This song by Jack Mantis was recorded with 20 musicians in Trinidad & Tobago, Germany, USA, Jamaica, Colombia, the Netherlands and France.

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For what it’s worth my friend it’s never too late
To be what you wanna be, your fate is what you create
You can change or stay the same
There are no rules to this thing
You can always make the best of it
It’s never too late
No it’s never too lateSometimes you get restless
Sometimes you just can’t wait
Be patient and listen, your spirit will guide you always
You’ve heard this all before
You don’t need anything else at all
The answer is hidden inside of you
And it’s never too late
Oh so gather your children and find your purpose and place
Try to make a difference and join in this spiritual race
It’s such a small thing to ask
To make these changes last a while
It starts from deep within your heart
And radiates
And I hope you make the best of it
And I hope you feel things that you’ve never felt before
I hope you meet people with a different point of view
And I hope you live a life that you’re proud of and so much more
And if you find that you’re just not getting there
Trust in the music to guide you somewhere
And I hope you’ll find the strength to start over again
All over again

So I’ve come here to teach you this simple message of grace
Give thanks to the most high in every day that you’re awake
Show respect to your elders, and humble your ego or you’ll pay
Enlighten your conscience, and practice forgiveness always
Be a positive influence to all
No matter how big or small it is
The medicine grows inside of you
And it radiates

Oh you just gotta have faith
Your fate is what you create
Oh it radiates
Yes it radiates
Oh it radiates
It radiates

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