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Livingston Jerimanana

For the recordings with Livingston, our guide LeGaz from the Gazman Connection, takes us across the bush to a tiny village on Nosy Be. What happened then, we take from Hannes’ diary: “After a while, this old man appears with his red hat and his scuffled guitar on his back. A rattle can on the big toe of the right foot shakes in the pulse of the carotid artery emerging. The string arrangement is completely incomprehensible to us head-headed Europeans; The resulting mood sounds like a mob of a hundred sweaty men roaring in the pogo. And then this voice – in ecstasy Livingston shouts out “Mam Piraf”, repeatedly interrupted by noises, between rattles and moans. He doesn’t have time for a solid song structure, his inner drive leaves verses unfinished and then immediately dissolves into the part that is supposed to be the chorus. A real punk rocker who is so punk that he even shits on punk rock. ”

Livingston Jerimanana | Music

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Has worked on the following songs:

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