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Live Up

Music & Lyrics: Chokey Taylor

This reggae song by Chokey Taylor was recorded with 11 musicians in Jamaica, USA, Cuba and Germany.

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New broom sweep clean old broom now in the corner
Say on this rocky road of life be careful of strife
Be careful how you live your life
On the road of life off of you inside
You gotta know what you want in life
Gotta live upright with the golden mine
I gotta take you to the stress of timeNow you got to hold on
Hold on to what you‘v got
It’s my desire
My desire to burn this fire
And when the music play
I can hear artbeat saying
That you need a good friend
Like a sister or a brother
Live up ya people
Live up ya people

Gotta hold on
Gotta hold on
Gotta hold on
Gotta hold on

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