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Written & Performed by: Jack Mantis

This wonderful song by Jack Mantis was recorded with 9 musicians in the USA, Canada and Germany.

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Verse 1
So sing it out loud my sweet memories
And see how the love she has grown
You see my faith and my courages well has run dry
And my fingers are worked to the bone
I believe in a future that’s tattered and torn
And I know in my heart cause she’s heavy like stone

So I’ll ride, ride, ride into the night
I’ll ride, ride, ride in this pale moonlight.

Verse 2
So shiver me timbers this world has grown odd
Take me back to a time before demons and gods
When loves all it took to make the planet revolve
And wisdom was measured from stories of old
I’ve seen things that would make most men go weak at the knees
But still my love stays strong after all of these years

So I’ll ride, ride, ride in this pale moonlight
I’ll ride, ride, ride into the night.

So lead me beside the still waters my friend
And restore my weary soul from this day till the end
For she art with me in this life and the next
Oh Beth Oh Beth

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