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Leap of Faith

Written & Performed by: Jack Mantis

This great song by Jack Mantis was recorded in New York on the steps of the ‘New Victory Theater‘. In our movie ‘Blown Away’ you can see the unplugged version of this song.

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Come a little closer lest you’re feeling in doubt
And I’ll open up your smile again
Let love come rushing out
You better believe
Let me take you and wash those tears from your eyes
And I’ll promise you everything  you’ve ever dreamed about
And I swear to you this dance will last a thousand memories
And I’ll pull you closer, so’s to make your heart believe
Yes I’ll lay it down in a field of gold
Stretch the truth don’t never told
You won’t never ever have to fear
I’ll pull you closer
Oh so beautiful in everyday
And every-time you smile that way
The corner of your lips unfurl
The moment I’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting
For I begin, Oh in the state that I’ve been in
In the early hours when all is still
But not until your world unfolds
And truth be told, no beauty that man deserves
My tongue beneath you precious curves
As time stood still
Have I made this moment last forever
And could I still feel this way
And, pull you close and promise never
To take it and throw it all away
So come on take a leap of faith
Rise up in this empty space
Come hide behind my silly smile
And rest your weary heart…next to mine
I love you…Unbroken
and I need you…Softly spoken
That you were my first love
Spending all my time with you
That you never gave up
Makes me love you so much more
And I can’t help but feel so proud
To have you by my side
Don’t ever want to loose this love it feels so right
Don’t ever want to loose this love, stay with me tonight
Don’t ever want to loose this love, I wanna hold you so tight
Don’t ever want to loose this love

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